Be confident in your
financial decisions.

Know that your financial future is protected with access to high performing, quality investments and protected against risk with life, critical illness and disability insurance. We are here to help you navigate the many products and services offered in the market place.

Are your current investments meeting your needs?

Align your financial
plan to your goals.

At Susan Creasy Financial Inc., we work with you to understand your concerns, wants, and needs to create a plan that is unique to you. We take the time to educate you on all of your options so that you can be confident in your decision. We will continue to be there over the long-term to provide support and help you reach your goals.

Align your financial plan to your goals.

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Align your financial<br>plan to your goals.

Our Services

Comprehensive cross-section of services, customized for you.


Begin investing or reviewing current investments to achieve your long-term or short-term objectives.

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Financial Planning
Financial Planning

Reviewing or creating a detailed savings and investment strategy to achieve well-being and security over the long term.

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Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning

Reviewing and determining your retirement goals and the actions required to achieve them.

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Estate Planning
Estate Planning

Reviewing and creating plans for the transfer of your estate after death.

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Implementing or reviewing your current life insurance and living benefits needs to reduce your financial risks with premature death, illness, or injury.

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How we work with you


Get in contact

Reach out to us via phone, email or social media. We will ask you some questions to better understand your needs . We will book a meeting and provide you with a list of items to bring (investment summaries, tax assessment, etc).


Initial meeting

This first meeting is a free service. We typically meet for one hour where we want to learn more about you, your needs, wants and worries. Depending on what you want to do, a second meeting and additional evaluation time may be needed.


Present your plan and implementation

We will meet with you for thirty minutes to an hour to present the plan. The plan could contain a few solutions to meet your goals and could include the following items:

  • Review of your current investments and concerns
  • Explanation of proposed Investment products and funds
  • Retirement plan, showing your current state and proposed changes
  • Insurance needs and risks


Follow up

We will follow up least once a year to ensure that your plan is still working for you. These reviews are essential to meeting your goals.