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Segregated Funds Provide Flexibility, Growth Potential and Unique Benefits

With the financial markets looking more promising, many individuals are reviewing their investments with an eye towards capturing future growth. Diversification, a broad range of investment options and the services of professional money managers for a reasonable fee are all components of a good retirement portfolio. Segregated funds, sometimes called Guaranteed Investment funds offer the above features and more at a very competitive price.

A segregated fund contract is issued by a life insurance company. There are numerous investment options inside a segregated fund policy which are managed by many different fund managers in a wide range of investment classes. For example a segregated fund issued by an insurance company would offer investment options such as GIC’s , bond funds, money market funds, balanced or asset allocation funds, dividend funds, Canadian equity funds, International funds and specialty funds such as resources or real estate. Advisors can build a diversified portfolio for their clients using numerous professional fund managers all in one policy contract. Clients can switch between one fund and another within the segregated fund contract at no expense.

Segregated funds may also offer income protection from market downturns, maturity guarantees and guaranteed death benefits which can be reset and increased as the portfolio grows at no expense to the client.


There are numerous estate planning benefits of segregated funds. The death benefit guarantee insures that your beneficiaries are guaranteed 100% of all deposits made (minus any redemptions) even during a market downturn.


The proceeds of a segregated fund at death bypass the estate, estate fees, probate fees and long delays if there is a named beneficiary or beneficiaries. The proceeds of the investment pass privately and directly to your designated beneficiaries without the expense associated with settling an estate.


Segregated funds both registered in an RRSP, RRIF or Locked in RRSP fund or Non- registered investments are protected from creditors if the client runs into financial or business difficulties. This opportunity is ideal for professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists and small business owners looking to help shield their personal assets from professional liability.


Additional advantages provided by insurance company segregated funds include strict monitoring and selection of outside fund managers who offer investment portfolios inside the segregated fund. These monitoring processes use stringent criteria to make sure the investment funds available represent the highest quality investment managers.


If you are interested in capturing the growth potential of the financial markets, wanting to diversify the risk in your portfolio or repositioning your retirement plan to provide income and security of your capital during market fluctuations, consider the benefits of a segregated fund. Speak to a qualified financial advisor about the opportunities a segregated fund provides for you and your family.

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