Estate Planning

Ease your family's stresses after you pass away

Plan for your estate distribution

Knowing that your money is going to the family, friends or charities of your choosing after your death is important for many individuals. Reducing your income tax obligations of the estate and having a smooth transition of funds to the next generation is also top-of-mind. Delays in payouts, probate and income taxes can have a negative impact on your family, leaving them to pay bills and debts with their own money.

Different investment products have the ability to pass money onto your beneficiaries and exclude probate. This added advantage means that your estate could pay less taxes and the money is in your beneficiaries’ hands sooner.

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What you need to know

Access to a variety of segregated funds and insurance options:
  • Segregated funds issued by life insurance companies that can help lower probate, estate and legal fees.
  • Life insurance can be used to pass wealth to the next generation or to pay estate taxes.
  • Support the charities that are most important to you with life insurance.
  • See our FAQ for answers to common questions.

How we can help you do this

You will benefit from:
  • Variety of tax efficient products to ensure effective wealth transfer to the next generation.
  • Access to wealth and estate professionals to review your case and provide insight.
  • Quick and simple distribution of investment assets at death.
  • Provide tax-free cash to your beneficiaries at death with life insurance.

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